VDO Maritiem AG was founded on 22 March 1999.
On August 13, 2003, we established a 2nd company called VDO Maritiem Nederland BV.
On July 15, 2009 our third company was created called VDO shipping BV
VDO Shipping BV and VDO Maritiem Nederland BV is a company owned by the foreign entity. The top owner abroad is: V.D.O. Maritiem A.G., established at L-5531 Remich in Luxembourg.
From our head office in Remich the complete exploitation of our ships is done.
From November 1999 to March 2005, we first collaborated with mercurius shipping group now mercurius shipping group in a Franchising construction with 1 tank ship called mercurius.
September 2003 we started the 2nd franchising. tank ship solidifies merlux.
In 2005 we made our first purchase of the tanker mercurius and the ship to be baptized in the Inspiration. In 2007 we sold these to reederei jaegers.
In 2007, after the sales inspiration, we purchased the solidified merlux and dipped it into the Invasion.
January 26, 2012 we have again purchased a ship and this is the tank ship shakira.
The expertise of VDO Maritiem AG has always been in the ships with stainless steel tanks for almost 20 years.
Over the years many different product hazards for different shippers called:
Reederei Jaegers in Duisburg, Stolt Nielsen Rotterdam and Zug, Rheinfracht Mannheim and currently with 2 ships at Wijgula in Druten under the Imperial flag.
The invasion has been sold in March and now we are looking to take a next step.

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